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Research suggest that companies with at least one team building project per year increase their efficiency by more than 40% compared to companies that don’t use this approach. Since we understand the power of connecting with your employees and sharing the knowledge, we have designed several packages lasting from one to four days that incorporate everything that team building has to be.

Corporate retreats at Linden Ranch are full of fun games


What we have to offer are numerous group activities designed to encourage your team to work together and connect. For example, a polygon of different games with elements of basic techniques required for surviving in the wilderness: building a shelter, shooting a bow and arrow, learning how to set a fire without using any matches, leading a horse through an obstacle course, animal tracking, snowshoeing, hiking, horseback riding, even Nordic skiing. It all depends on your personal preferences and what is the main goal you want to achieve within your team.

Since the purpose of these retreats is to enable your employees to learn and grow, we have teamed up with renowned corporate and motivational coach that will show your team how to deal with stress, how to communicate in a case of a conflict, how to inspire and motivate, how to foster cooperation inside group, etc.

If you would like us to help you organize an event for your company in a unique setting of our ranch, please contact us at .

Yoga class


Linden Tree hosts variety of workshops and seminars throughout the year. Those range from yoga and meditation workshops to raw food classes, soap and natural cosmetics classes, natural horsemanship weekends, etc. Below is a list of our scheduled workshops. You may want to sign up for our newsletter or check our blog page for future events.