The best thing you can do while in Croatia

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Choose from several types of accommodation.
Linden Tree horse riding

Horse riding

The best equestrian holiday destination in Croatia.

Day visits

Spend a day with us, you don’t have to stay overnight.

Activity schedule

Use this guide to plan your activities during your stay.
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Rest, relax and reflect. You deserve it.

Little bears kids club

Kids, nature, animals, do we need to say more?
Linden Tree Activities

Other activities

From dawn to dusk, there is always something going on.

Corporate retreats

We have a large variety of programs for your team building.

Our food

When you eat well, you feel well.
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Luxury nature resort at the heart of the wilderness.

Experience authentic guest ranch and restorative retreat hidden inside UNESCO Velebit Mountain Biosphere Reserve, Velika Plana, Croatia. Home of a unique horsemanship, bespoke attention to comfort, service, sustenance, and transformative experience.

“Portal to what matters!" - D. Derifaj