Unique and magic spring atmosphere has finally arrived at our ranch. 🙂 We simply adore its slow arrival and spreading of nature sparkles on all parts of our ranch. Singing birds, blossoming flowers, shining sun and all nature in the awakening from a winter dream. The trees are coming alive with new vibrant green leaves, the birds are nesting, the days are becoming longer and nights clearer. That gives you the opportunity to see some of the most stunning stars gazing in the peaceful environment of nature, when the only thing you can hear is a gentle, slow flow of streams and river that surround our ranch.

flowers blossoming on our ranch

Farmers and cowboys adore this time of year, because it let us experience our complete connection with nature. Spring with its gentle call of nature, lures us to come out of our houses and explore new riding trails with our beautiful horses. This time of the year additionally emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of wilderness nature at our ranch.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or enthusiast of horse riding, this time of year will allow you to completely surrender to the renewal and finding peace in yourself, as well as recharging with the necessary energy to return to everyday life activities, after spending your memorable western moments at our ranch.

Spring is the ideal time to start your horseback riding adventure

Horse riding is one of our main offered activities that will bring you back to understanding the value of life and small things in life that matter. Our horses are well trained and used to everyday communication with people. They will give you time to get to know them better and get used to their presence. Of course we pass all the important instructions with all of our guests, before getting on the horse. After experiencing horse riding for one or two days, you will wonder you didn’t try it before.

The lightness of existence that we usually feel in spring time becomes more stronger during a horseback riding adventure and breathing of a fresh, scented air filled with perfumes of flowers and pine trees that grow on our ranch. In this time of year we usually recommend our guests to pack lighter and thinner clothes, like t-shirts, convertible pants and Gore-tex jackets that will protect you and keep you warm in case of rain or strong wind.

our horses enjoying spring atmosphere

Even if the temperatures are rising, we still recommend to pack one or two warmer items in order to protect yourself from a variable weather conditions. The only thing left is to pack your good mood and adventurous spirit, that will allow your completely abandonment to the nature vibrations and harmony with our paradise!