We are all set up for our cowboy ride through the green and wild vastness of our valley, what about you? Considering that our season is starting to heat up, we decided to share with you some of the most important basic advices and tricks that are good for you to know before starting your horse riding adventure.

Your former knowledge and horseback riding experience isn’t prerquisite for riding with us. It’s enough to be interested and enthusiastic about learning and acquiring new exciting skills, and all the rest is on us. We will train you in gaining a knowledge on how to connect with and safely ride your new ranch partner and friend – a horse.

If you are still not sure if this kind of western horseback riding holiday is right for you, our simple tips will give you a necessary insight into a process of riding a horse, regardless of age or experience.

Horse riding tips for a safe ride

The tips that we prepared for you are useful both for the beginners, who are still having second thoughts about trying our most popular ranch activity, and those riders that have some riding experience, but haven’t done it in a while. Don’t worry we will go through and teach you all these steps before getting you on a horse.

  • Your riding outfit should be strechy and light. The best combination are strechy long pants, T-shirt or long sleeves shirt, cowboy hat and boots.

our guest before starting their horse ride

  • When approaching to the horse, the best way is to move towards it from the left side.
  • Before getting on the horse you should check if your equipment is properly placed and secure.
  • Mounting the horse should also be done from the left side from where you should put your left foot onto the stirrup and the right leg switch over the horse.
  • Once you sit on the horse your position is very important. You should sit in an upright position, with your shoulders back, and both feet in the stirrups.
  • Your should always look in the direction you want to go, which would guide the horse too. Depending on how the horse is trained, you will make it move usually with producing some specific sound, or movement like squeezing your legs or using the reins.
    Reining and steering the horse is done by movement of the reins with which you should give accurate instructions to direct the horse’s movement.Walking is the first activity you should try with your horse by following our instructions. You should be calm and relaxed, which makes this type of ride the most comfortable one.
  • Walking is the first activity you should try with your horse by following our instructions. You should be calm and relaxed, which makes this type of ride the most comfortable one.

our guest during walking a horse

  • Trotting is the next speed, faster from walking. To start it during walking just give another movement signal that you first used for signaling like leg squeeze.
  • If you are more a fan of adrenaline, canter and galloping are the right fit for you. These two gaits will give you the maximum riding speed. The right position here would be putting your whole weight on the stirrups with your bottom off the saddle and your leaning forward
  • When you want to finish or take a break from your ride you should give your horse a stop signal, with pulling both reins backwards. When you and your horse cool down from the ride, you can pull back reins to prepare the horse for dismounting. Carefully, slowly and gently dismount from your horse and patt it on its neck to show affection 🙂

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire. “ ~ Sharon Ralls Lemon. This is a famous quote that best describes the experience that awaits you during your holiday at our ranch.

Come and meet with our horse team, you will not regret it 🙂