“I ain’t gonna tell you watcha gonna do, but you better join me boy!” ~ True Cowboy from old West.

If you are worried about this heat wave, now is the perfect time to escape it and join us for a 5 day adventure in the mountains. During the day you can relax in the shade of century old trees, and nights offer a refreshment better than any air condition! 🙂

When arranging this package, we’ve made sure to arrange you a mix bit of everything we offer. During the day we will ride up the mountains retracing an old trade route. Funny thing about that route is that you never know which animal we may encounter!

our brave and happy participants of cowboy adventure

For three whole days we are going to be on the mountain, horse riding during the day and camping by night. Before bedtime we will make a campfire, get to know each other and share all of those crazy cowboys stories (some of them are even true! :).

This is a true cowboy adventure and people often tell us that they have a feeling they are somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and not in Croatia. Well, we might be situated in Croatia, but everything else is genuine American West. Our equipment comes from American working ranches and our tipis are made on an Indian reservation in Oregon. It is a truly unique soul and body transformation you can experience only if you join us. Well, yes, and if you invent the time machine and go back to the Wild West! 😉

expoloring new riding trails

Last day of our adventure offers something a little more laid back. We will come back to the comfort of the ranch, riding inside the National Park area. Feel like a true cowboy enjoying some craft beer and whiskey!

Now is a perfect time to join us, there is something magical in the way montain looks during the summer. All the scents, colors and ambiance is something we really can’t describe with words. The feeling of belonging, of peace and love you get riding through the National Park is something very magical.

We are not even going to talk about the magic of the night sky because you probably wouldn’t believe us. When looking at the night sky from Velebit mountain, you have a feeling some throw glitter across the sky! We guarantee that you will be speechless after just one night underneath this amazing sky.

enjoying in a sky full of stars

When we say that we offer a whole mind and body experience, we truly mean it. While nature takes care of your mind and soul, we will take care of the refreshments.

It is very important to us to offer you only the best from nature. All of the food we prepare and serve comes from local farmers. On this adventure, only the highest quality food is served.

Feel free to contact us and will be happy to help you modify the adventure to meet your specific needs. After all, the whole point of this trip is to find that lost connection with nature and forget all the stress.