“Sustainable development is the masterful balance of meeting our own needs without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to do the same.”

Here at Linden Tree, sustainable development is not just a movement, but a way of life. We strongly believe that human beings are, and should be, one with nature. It is precisely because of that we’ve decided to respect nature in everything we do.


All the food we serve is organic and comes from our garden. What we can’t grow ourselves, we purchase from local farmers. Only seasonal ingredients are served and our menus are planned accordingly. The idea is to respect natural cycle of farming and avoid interfering with natural processes as much as possible. Everything that is not eaten or stored is recycled or composted.




Supporting the local community

We want to bring together local people with our guests. Sharing experiences and connecting different cultures allows us to grow and develop as individuals. Those experiences enriches our mind and soul and allow us to become aware of the world that surrounds us. It is our goal to include the local community in our work as much as possible. All our doors, windows, carpets and furniture come from local artists and craftspeople.



Linden is located inside Velebit Nature Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. We work hand­in­hand with numerous conservation organizations as well as with Croatian government in developing environmentally responsible programs that will benefit both us and generations to come.




CIDER Concept

In order to present our vision in the best way, we’ve developed a concept named CIDER , an acronym for Community, Integrity, Development, Evolution and Responsibility. This represents the core of what we are and how we want to function ­ bring together the community through integrity and responsible development. We make sure that everything we do is in alliance with this concept.



We are more than a team, we are a family. Bruce, our founder, and CEO, is very committed to creating a healthy and stimulating working environment. Precisely because of that, Linden
Tree has an employee profit­sharing plan. Our profit is invested in stimulating local community and ensuring a high level of quality. Once they spend some time with us our guests become a part of our family too. Each and every person that visits us brings something unique that allows us to learn and grow more. It is a mix of different cultures and personalities that make Linden Tree such an unforgettable experience.