It’s no secret that we are horse enthusiasts and that we love to share our knowledge with our readers. Today we would like to tell you some insider tips and tricks that will ensure your horse riding experience goes as smoothly as possible.


1. Always wear a helmet.

Especially if you are a novice rider. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a good riding helmet. They will protect you and can help you stay injury-free in the case of an accident. Bear in mind that not all helmets are adequate for horse riders. There are specially designed helmets just for this purpose, so make sure you use the right one. In the picture below you can see helmets provided at Linden Ranch. 🙂




2. Adjust your behavior

Make sure to speak and behave calmly. Sudden moves, loud noises and flashes are forbidden. Always approach a horse calmly and let him get to know you. All of our horses are well behaved and used to people, but we do understand your tension, especially if you are a first-time rider. That’s why we are here with you through every step of the way so there’s no need to feel nervous.


3. Approach the horse from the front.

Make sure to always approach a horse so that he can see you. Never approach them from behind. We all know that horses are basically big cowards so he might kick you – this is not a sign of aggressiveness, but rather a sign of their scary nature. 🙂


4. Keep your hand on a horse.

We’ve already told you not to make sudden moves, but another good advice for horse riding is to keep your hand on a horse if you are planning to go around them. Just place your hand on them and slowly move. This way, you are cuddling them as well!


5. Don’t wrap anything around you

It may seem like a good idea to “secure” yourself by wrapping your hand or leg to a piece of equipment placed on a horse, but don’t do it. This is extremely dangerous and may lead to serious injuries. You are well equipped with everything you need each time you go riding with us, so no need to secure yourself any further.




6. Be peaceful and respectful

Our horses are well adjusted to new people so you will not have any problems in getting to know them. Nevertheless, always remember that connecting with a horse takes time and patience. Always treat them with respect they deserve and take your time with them. If you listen carefully enough, you will hear them. 🙂


7. Listen to your wrangler

He is usually the person who takes care of the horse you are riding and knows them better than anyone. If he says it’s ok to do something, don’t be afraid and enjoy the moment.


8. Feed him proper treats

If the horse is not yours, always check with someone if it’s ok to give them a treat. Use fresh vegetables and fruits and always make sure you give them their treats with your palm lying flat. This way you’ll ensure they don’t accidently nibble on your finger.


9. Enjoy

The last and most important rule is to enjoy the horse. They are truly incredible creatures and will show you immense love if you treat them right. If you treat them with respect and love they deserve, you will have a friend for life!


Would you like us to write more of these hands-on bits of advice? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂