Traveling is always a good idea. Here’s what Wendy Dessler wrote about her experience: 

“Getting close to nature in all of its untouched beauty is a truly transformative experience. And it has been as much a learning experience for me in my life as was my time in college. In fact, I have always seen a connection between the desire to explore the world of academia and to explore the natural world as well – the love of knowledge and of life motivate both undertakings.




Below, I want to first share a few of my most memorable excursions to luxury nature resorts around the world. But then, I will focus on the general life lessons that this kind of experience has taught me.


My Adventures in Luxury Nature Travel


My first steps to becoming a more efficient and more comfortable traveler began when I decided on booking a Houston private jet charter on my way to college, and on using  private company luggage transport services  to help me with easy, affordable luggage transport. And I continued to use those tools when I went on my first nature-travel adventure in Croatia during my last summer vacation before graduation.


The Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch in Croatia’s remote Velebit Mountain region was yet a true luxury nature resort complete with jacuzzi and rooms with full amenities and breathtaking views. Horseback riding, trekking, and mountain biking through the forests, peaks, and valleys were amazing, and I also caught some unforgettable glimpses of the Adriatic Coast later in my trip.


After graduation, I couldn’t wait to strike out on yet another international adventure. This time I went to Argentina’s wine region (Mendoza) and stayed at Cavas Wine Lodge where the locally grown/made wine, great views of the Andes, and an on-site spa combined for a wonderful experience.


Most recently, I’ve visited a luxury nature resort a little closer to home, in Montana – The Resort at Paws Up. In the shadow of Lewis and Clark and the first inhabitants of the great northern plains, I discovered that nature is still alive and well in parts of the U.S. too.


5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Luxury Nature Travel


But what is the take away from all of my luxury nature travel experiences? What makes it all worthwhile? Here are five ways I answer that question:

  1. Exposure to radically different environments than those I’m used to helps me better appreciate our planet’s immense diversity.
  2. Wilderness and luxury really can coexist. And anyone who has experienced this very agreeable combination will tell you how exhilarating this contrast can be.
  3. Even with a limited budget, if you are determined to see the world, in this day and age, there are tools at your fingertips that can make it happen.
  4. Sharing your experiences with others is part of what makes them special and memorable. Bring a friend with you if you can or meet and interactive with others you meet when you get there. And bring a good camera and interact with people back home through social media during your trip.
  5. Planning carefully for each trip well in advance will pay off when it comes time to depart. It will save you money and reduce stress, as well as make you more comfortable. Plus, planning gives you a sense of purpose and builds suspense as your trip looms near – it’s part of the total experience.”


Wendy Dessler