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Amidst the foothills of the Velebit mountain lies a hidden valley full of natural beauty, history, culture and endless adventures. The name of the valley, Velika Plana, means the Great Plain, referring to the open plain of the valley, which despite being cradled by Velebit Mountain on all four sides, offers expansive views.

Velebit valley Velika Plana


The original settlers, Illyrian tribe Japods, homesteaded Velika Plana around 8,000 B.C., and some ruins still remain in the valley. Up until 1960s population was on a steady rise and the valley was home to about 700 inhabitants, all small ranchers and farmers who carved this paradise out of the wilderness by modest tools and hard labor. Currently only 20 inhabitants remain in the valley, mainly elderly people.

Horseback riding in the Velebit valley Velika Plana


Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch was founded by Yerkovich family. It all started with Bruce Yerkovich who had a vision for a new sustainable wilderness retreat. His dream was to gently hew it out of the untamed landscape, with thoughtfulness and honor for the land, people and Croatia's wildlife, a vision that he continues to develop to this day. The result is an authentic 'old west' ranch that is in complete harmony with the surroundings. Today with his wife Megi and partners he shares wonders of it all with like-minded people from all around the world.

A view on the beautiful scenery of the valley Velika Plana


People from all over the world venture here in search of peace, empty moments and unhindered contact with nature. Unique and authentic vacation in the magical landscape of the program offered by our ranch, leaves our guests breathless, and their reviews are composed only of praise, which makes us extremely happy. In this land of golden dreams and rolling pastures where horses graze freely and where meadows are filled with wildflowers, people, often unsuspected, encounter one thing they did not plan on meeting: themselves.