Portal to what Matters


Every morning as a wisp of smoke escapes through the chimney, aroma of freshly brewed oriental coffee greets guests to our dining room. Inside country charm meets eco-friendly chic where locally made wooden tables and hand-hewn beams add to the ambience. We believe your vacation at our ranch is more than just a vacation, it is a culinary getaway of the high order.

Our food has been called "soul food" and designated as "cooked with love." It is best described as a Croatian mosaic of world flavours - a sensational fusion of Mediterranean dishes plated with international flare. Everything we serve is prepared fresh from scratch the same day in our open country kitchen, using the very best ingredients. We have a daily set menu in keeping with what's seasonal from our suppliers and available at the ranch or locally.

Megi - masterchef of our ranch


Ingredients that we source hold the principles of bio-dynamic and organic farming methods. Not all are certified, however, we make sure we know our suppliers; after all they are our neighbors and family members. What nature gives is what we are thankful for. And then there is our highly praised mare’s milk. Few drops of that painstakingly drawn elixir has been known for ages to cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

Expert meal preparation in our kitchen


It is helpful for us to know in advance of any restrictions, allergies, or special medical conditions, so that we can best serve you. Our modern natural cuisine favors reduction sauces over cream-based, vegetable-based broths over meat stock, organic ingredients over conventional, and a light healthy (and incredibly delicious) style of cooking.

A romantic dinner under the stars


Dining in one of our accommodation facilities, in-suite and alfresco dining in the meadow or on a private balcony is a special treat for couples taking romantic holidays, for anniversary celebrations and for honeymoon vacations.

We enrich your dining experience with edible flowers, herbs and wild berries harvested from the woods.