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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is, we dare to say, the best destination in Croatia for horse riding holiday. Velika Plana valley is known as the natural haven characterized by its beautiful green landscapes and unique vegetation whose combination proved to be ideal for the creation of our ranch with the main activity being horse riding.

Natural resources and wildlife of Velebit mountain provide the opportunity for an unforgettable adventure holiday in Croatia. Although Croatia is best known as a summer holiday destination, more and more people are seeking escape from the crowds and traffic and searching for different active form of relaxation in nature in winter and throughout the year.

Horseback riding has marked every civilization in the world in the past, making it a natural choice to become a main activity at our ranch. Our entire Linden team is made of true lovers of horses which directed to offer our guests the possibility to experience an unforgettable connection with nature through mastering different types of horse riding skills. On our ranch there are no limits, only the freedom of choice.

A horseback riding vacation at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch will, without a doubt, be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Our wranglers at the Ranch are well versed in natural horsemanship and love sharing their passion for horseback riding with guests of all different experience levels.

Thanks to our various offers of different horseback riding programs from our typical 2-hour trail ride to our multi-day rides, you are bound to never tire from the stunning beauty of the Velebit Nature Park landscapes.

On our ranch we offer various lectures and workshops for the gradual introduction to horseback riding from colt starting to horsemanship, and for those eager in mastering different skills, we have prepared other adventures that will keep you active during your vacation on our ranch.

Our guests during horse riding lessons


Wherever you are at in your riding, whether you are a seasoned equestrian or an absolute beginner, we believe we offer a horseback riding experience that will greatly surpass your expectations. Upon arriving at the Ranch, there will be a time when everyone sits down to his or her first dinner. This is when the head wrangler comes to greet you and talk briefly about your riding experience. From there we are prepared to match you up with the horse that will help in making this the best horseback riding experience you have ever imagined. No matter how much or how little experience you may have, all riders go through a brief orientation before getting on their horse. The riding times are inclusive of safety briefing and rest periods for the longer rides. This helps bring horses back into our minds and allows us to begin our journey to becoming better riders.

All horse back riding at Linden Tree is designed to ensure both safety and pleasure. The Ranch is pleased to offer a variety of lessons related to safely and comfortably riding our stable of horses. For the beginner, or someone returning to the saddle, we offer a riding school to hone skills and confidence. Private and group riding lessons are available.

One of the most important aspects of horseback riding at Linden Tree is woven throughout our entire horse program: natural horsemanship. For all of our guests that means that in addition to mastering the technical skills of riding horses, they will adopt something much more valuable - a real understanding and a deeper communication with horses, that in short time become their best friends.


We take pride in the fact that we can lay claim to having one of the best herds of horses in Croatia. This is not something that comes easily or often, but a large portion of this claim is due to the way we operate our entire horse program. Thanks to the excellent string of well trained horses, we are able to offer specialized and individualized horse riding programs that will fully manifest your wishes during an unforgettable ranch vacation in Croatia.

Our guest and smallest is riding a horse


The two-hour horseback riding program, is the shortest riding program on the ranch with which you can start your cowboy adventure. Inhale the glorious scent of saddle leather mingled with wild flowers and sun-warmed pine. Delight in the simple luxury of experience—the power of a strong and willing horse beneath you, the freedom of the frontier—and satisfy your yearning for adventure. This scenic ride goes through the valley with spectacular views, stream crossings, gorges and meadows.

Wagon rides through the village


Families love this one. Three generations can join in our restored country wagon for a ride through the village. We make a traditional stop at the local pub for a hot chocolate, mulled wine or cold beer. Journey will take you to the farm that produces milk and dairy products for the ranch to experience organic farming first hand and see where our food comes from. Freshly prepared lunch at the farm will follow the tour.

Our guests and horseback riding


For those looking for all-day riding adventures, we offer a full day riding program. You'll roam the range, at one with your trusty mount and the land. This is the wrangler's favorite! Treat yourself with an extraordinary day and experience the mountain country on a horseback. Whether you live in Croatia or are visiting, a trail ride through the beautiful foothills of Velebit Mountain is very special activity for the whole family, group of friends, small company get-togethers or just simply for yourself.

We provide a tasty lunch on the trail and interesting facts about the land, Croatia wildlife and flora. Enjoy a day full of great moments, fantastic scenery and fun on our surefooted horses. There is a high chance of spotting a bear on one of these rides, which will be another new exciting experience for you. Join us for the whole day of horseback riding and enjoy a day full of exceptional moments, fantastic photos of landscapes and guaranteed fun.

Our guests listen carefully to the instructions of our Bruce


Although the term itself is often overused and misunderstood, we relate this closely with what we consider our own variation, Linden Tree horsemanship. What this means to the guest is that the experience is bound to go far beyond that of a typical head-to-tail ride. All our riders are asked to go far beyond what your typical ride would ever be able to do. Your understanding of communication between yourself and your horse is what will be not only discovered, but also advanced and understood. It is again one way that we are able to take your horseback riding experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Although we consider this type of training to constantly be taking place, we also like to help our guests understand what it is that we are after in implementing such techniques.

Our guests preparing to start Friday BBQ flag parade


Every Friday afternoon our guests are a part of an exciting display of our cowboy’s skills. But, it is an activity in which our guests participate and challenge our cowboys. Activities our guests take on are traditional rodeo disciplines with a local twist. They include a flag parade, races (pole bending, barrel racing), fun horse games for the young ones (apple eating from a back of a horse), obstacle courses, joisting, wagon runs, shooting bow from back of a horse and other fun and safe activities for all ages and skill levels. Friday BBQ is an event packed afternoon in which families bond and emerge triumphant.

Our cook and his traveling cart will make sure that this event has a real flair of Americana with awesome hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream, along with sodas and beer.

Horse riding of our guests through Velebit valley


If you are ready to go on a true equestrian expedition, we have prepared for you a few more dynamic and exciting program ideal for true adventurers. Programs last from three to nine days, and are carefully tailored to achieve total abandonment of moden civilization in exchange for the wilderness and experiencing a cowboy way of life, which will give you a supernatural inspiration of nature and life in nature.

Outside the ranch, that is managed based on principles of responsible and sustainable development, a real wilderness awaits you: ancient forests, vast pastures, sky-reaching mountains with breathtaking views. Careful eye could spot deer, wolfs, bears, hawks roaming through this untouched nature.

Admire silent beauty through carefully tailored riding programs to liven your spirit and engage your body. Experience frontier life in heart-changing adventures you will cherish for a life-time. Contact us for departure dates and details early as it is often filled up months in advance.

Natural horsemanship forms backbone of riding at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch


Many people tend to think that the horse is the only one being trained in this type of situation. Well, that's not entirely true. We would love to help you understand how the horse is not the only one getting an education out of our training techniques. We can help riders overcome old experiences and instill confidence at any skill level.

Unleash your adventurous spirit in you and join us in one of the offered programs on our ranch. In addition to becoming a real cowboy, all day connection with nature, horses and riding throughout the day will give you the opportunity to fully renew your spirit and fill yourself with the necessary energy to return to everyday life!