Little Bears Kids’ Club

As the Ranch understands the need to tailor the outdoor experience to suit our youngest guests, our Little Bears kid’s club caters to create a relaxed family vacation for both children and parents. Our kid’s club introduces children to the frontier living in an exciting and safe way. With our trained staff at the reins, parents can take a little time for themselves or adventure at a faster pace.

Little Bears kid’s club is a fun, outdoor educational program for children aged 4 to 12. Children enjoy a host of adventures designed to inspire and foster an appreciation for the outdoors and provide education on Croatia’s history and tradition. From learning to care for animals at the Barn, to exploring the banks of Ranch Creek for local flora and fauna, Little Bears will reconnect with the natural world and broaden their horizons.

If the day is rainy, our Studio Hall becomes a platform for Arts and crafts workshop, board games, dance party or a movie theater, complete with a large collection of movies and popcorn.

I knew, when I met you, an adventure was going to happen!
Winnie the Pooh

Pony rides

Wranglers teach kids about horse safety and care, followed by a ride.

Gold panning

Search for golden stones where, though primarily intended for children, all family members are welcome to participate.

Forest day

Nature hike where kids explore the forest at the Ranch and learn about its web of life identifying animal species on land and in the Ranch creek.

Cowboy games

From sack races, spoon runs, thug of war, to apple rope eating and treasure hunts, this one is filled with laughs and frolics.

Survival academy

A lesson in outdoor safety, including fire and shelter building, inspires future adventures.

Pony painting party

Using water-based paints, children paint ponies in Native American fashion. Adults often join this one, as it is fun for everybody.

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