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Our on-Ranch offerings are more than enough adventure for most guests; however, we also offer specialty activities for guests who want to go a little further afield at an additional cost. Whether you travel a few miles down the road to enjoy a day on a barge or cross an ATV adventure or Zip Line off your bucket list, all of our optional excursions are planned with the Ranch’s signature attention to detail and quality.



Paintball is one of the most exciting “extreme” sports games in the World played by the millions of men and women of all age groups and lifestyles. While trying to perform you are at the same time, trying to eliminate opponents shooting them by paint balls of the paintball gun. Thinking, determination and fast reaction are qualities needed to win. Paintball adventure can be experienced on exceptionally attractive field, proven to be the best in Croatia.



If you long for the adrenaline rush ATV mini safari might be what you are looking for. Whether you are beginner or an experienced driver two hour tour through the fields and woods will give you unforgettable experience in driving. Be prepared to be covered in mud and clouds of dust at the end of the trip.

Adrenaline Park


Adrenaline Park is polygon that consists of several elements taken from the mountain climbing sports. The polygon is mounted on distributed cables at the height of 1-6 m above the forest floor. Families and individuals will remember Adventure Park for exploring and bridging their fears and discovering untapped sources of bravery. Families find new ways to communicate. These activities encourage open mind and increase family connections. Highlight of this adventure is slide down 150 m long cable. Starting from the cliff and sliding through the tree tops, across the field you will experience unforgettable adrenaline rush.



The whole new perspective of nature's beauty can be attained only if you hop into our kayak and let yourself go with the flow down Lika River. While enjoying gentle kayaking towards Kruscica lake, explore this canyon from within and find out why the whole region is called after this river. Refresh yourself and take a swim on a beach where our staff will wait for you to drive you back to the ranch.

Bear Watching


Among rich fauna of Velebit Mountain, bear is one that is hard to spot. These furry giants, hiding during the day, crawl out at the night to feed mostly on berries and bugs. So join us and stay alert, for in tranquility of the dark suddenly a rustle can be heard...

An evening experience begin at 15:30 in the afternoon, where you will meet local guide and wildlife photographer Nino Salkić at Razvan City near Gospic. Nino will drive you in a 4×4 vehicle to the hides and host this wildlife watching experience. The drive into the mountains takes about 30 minutes and after a short walk through the forest, you will arrive at the wildlife hide. Normally the activity finishes 30 minutes after dark due to lack of visibility.

For the overnight photographic enthusiast, you can also book an overnight experience. This is limited to two photographers per hide along with Nino, your wildlife guide. The activity begins and ends at Rizvan City where you can leave you vehicle overnight. The activity begins at 15:30, and lasts until 8:30 the following morning. This includes an overnight packed meal, tea and coffee.

Float Trip


River Lika in its total length of 78 km is the second largest European subterranean river. It has a steady, slow flow, with no rapids or waterfalls. You will enjoy peaceful, relaxing but breath-taking atmosphere of unspoiled nature. During the tip you can encounter otter, deer, bear or wolf.


If your schedule does not permit you to spend a night or two at the Ranch, you can still treat yourself with an extraordinary day at Linden Tree and chose from an extensive array of activities. Send us an inquiry or call us for reservation.