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At Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, we've become famous for horse riding in Croatia but that isn’t the only activity in which you can enjoy during your stay at our ranch, there is still room for a variety of outdoor activities. Our activities are carefully chosen to facilitate your inner processes, but also to liven your spirit and engage your body. Therefore, helping you reach that much needed balance and serenity, often forgotten valuables in our busy everyday life.

We usually recommend to all of our guests a combination of different offered activities in order to explore which is the best way for your renewal. Spending time in the nature and trying out the variety of recreational outdoor activities is the most natural way to connect to your inner self.

Canoe expedition down Lika River canyon


Glide along in a canoe on Lika River canyon. Enjoy the exercise when the wind is down and the river is still. Get your heart rate up while basking in the sunshine and splashing a paddle in the cool water. Depending on a water level, up to four prehistoric dams will have to be negotiated by taking your canoe on your shoulders while crossing a pile of ancient rocks. Keep your eye out for wildlife while paddling.

Off road trip with our jeep


Jeep is another way to discover the Velebit Mountain. We often have to make our own way, clearing fallen trees or navigating around rock boulders. Trips are guided and take you to some of the deep corners of the mountain where wild animals roam free. The trip is a combination of off-roading and hiking. Simple but tasty lunch is prepared and served by mountain guides at Veliki Alan mountain hut.

As for the necessary items that would be good for you to take on these trips, we prepared a list of essential things to bring with you in order to be secured and equipped in every moment. To participate in our one day offered activities all you have to do is to take your suitable clothes, your adventurous spirit and contact us to arrange all details of your coming to our ranch. We are looking forward to get to know you!

Our guests in exciting walk


The forest around us has an abundance of logging hiking trails that are a hikers' paradise. The hiking trails are different and adapted both to the experienced and recreational hikers and people who enjoy walking through beautiful, picturesque landscape. It is even possible to walk all the way to the coast by a short cut over the mountain; it makes for a great, multi-day camping trip.

Close by the Ranch are caves to visit, peaks to climb, rivers to cross and spacious meadows to rest in. The possibilities are endless and our goal is to continue clearing and connecting trails in order to make them multi-purpose and increase the options for your active stay at our ranch.

Vila Velebita Hike is one of our most popular hiking tours. On this excursion you will have the opportunity to see all beauties of the Croatia wildlife, that will give you another type of insight to Velebit region and surrounding that shapes and creates our lifestyle.

Ostrovica climb
Climbing this steep hills is hard but rewarding endeavor. Especially because two features await you: turn right to climb massive rocks and observe the whole valley sprawl beneath you. Return and continue to the left for a touch of regional history where a part of medieval watchtower construction still holds its post. If you decide to explore this beautiful natural attraction, you have the opportunity to experience the connection of natural vastness and historical expressions.

Cycling through the valley Velika Plana


Ride a bike to the birth place museum of Nikola Tesla (20 km /13 miles) to Smiljan, or set out on a journey and find for yourself hidden wonders of our valley – soft meadows bursting with vegetation, peaceful shady grooves as shelters from the summer sun, ruins of forsaken hamlets telling stories of past times. We offer free GPS maps for download to all our guests to discover trails surrounding the Ranch.

Our guests learning the basic archery skills


Whether you envision Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen with a bow at the ready, the ranch provides an accessible and exciting opportunity to learn archery or hone your bow skills. Our guides provide extensive safety and technique instruction with less demanding longbows. Guests start by practicing on traditional bull’s-eye targets while receiving personalized instruction. Once you’re hitting the mark, move through the secluded hillside range, where you’ll find an exciting 3-D archery course that can put your skills to the test. A selection of near-to-life-sized foam cutout animals are situated along a short, easy hiking trail. Walking the trail allows you to shoot at different angles and target positions to recreate an authentic wilderness bow-hunting experience.


Shooting is cowboy tradition and is deeply rooted in ranching history. Our guides train each guest on safety guidelines, proper handling and techniques with all equipment to ensure a safe experience for everyone. Through private instruction and a controlled environment, guests can develop new abilities while achieving a sense of accomplishment. Our program is designed to teach skills and safety to first-time shooters while giving experienced marksmen an opportunity to test their abilities. We use state of the art CO2 pistols and rifles with or without scopes to adhere to strict EU firearms regulations.

Geocaching in Velebit Nature Park, Croatia


Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch geocaching combines our western heritage for treasure hunting with modern-day technology. Using GPS devices and coordinates, individual guests and groups locate hidden boxes on thousands of acres of beautiful Velebit Mountain. During the winter, guests use snowshoes and cross-country skis to locate their treasure caches and spell out secret messages. Adults and families choose between intermediate or expert levels, allowing them to customize their search by ability and time constraints. Children search for boxes while learning about nature, history, geography and topography. “Hiking with a purpose” is a great way to become acquainted with our corner of the European wilderness. Caches can be customized for private events, like corporate retreats or family reunions. The clues lead guests toward tailored secret messages or a grand prize.

Plitvice Lakes City of Zadar by night The statue of Nikola Tesla


Traveling by car from our ranch to the popular nearby attractions can be included in the program of activities during your ranch holiday. In the vicinity of our ranch is a number of beautiful and authentic places, that will certainly fascinate every visitor with their breathtaking landscapes and intensive energy.

If you have a car, or want to use our car and driver service, you have an opportunity to explore rich and diverse region that is only 1-2 hours drive from the Ranch. Here is a sample itinerary to the three world famous destinations.

Plitvice Lakes: Croatia's most famous National Park established in 1949 covers 300 km2 of breathtaking natural splendor. The park harbors a magnificent collection of waterfalls, gallery of lakes, forest and diversity of animal life. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight.

City of Zadar: Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, more beautiful than ones in Key West, Florida. Zadar's old town is a place which holds 3,000 years of rich history. Place where you can enjoy museums, churches, squares, art galleries and old city itself. You can also choose a nice coffee terrace, enjoy your ice-cream and watch people and life of Zadar. If you're gourmet minded you can choose from plethora of good restaurants serving fresh seafood and Mediterranean cuisine specialties.

Nikola Tesla birth place: You can bicycle or drive 20 km (13 miles) in Smiljan. Tesla was one of the biggest geniuses and inventors of our times. He was an intuitive person whose abilities exceeded human potential as we know it, and with his inventions he made big difference in the world. Tesla was practicing yoga, meditation, visualization and was finding inspiration for his work in the Velebit Mountain. Museum with Tesla’s patents and educational tour are well worth the admittance ticket.

Adriatic Sea


Do you know that the Adriatic Sea is only 55 km (33 miles) away from our ranch? Staying at Linden Tree you have a perfect chance to enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea and experience a bustling summer in famous Croatian coastal towns of Karlobag and Jablanac.

Dive into the clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and refresh yourself in a new way. Several restaurants and bars serve local food and drinks. On a bicycle you can go to Lika River or Kruscica lake, located 10 km (6 miles) from the ranch. In one day you can visit number of famous touristic destinations together with different and unique swimming locations where you can get your fill of water dipping and refreshment in the unique sea expanse.

Cowboy games are fun for both families and company events


Great fun for company get-togethers or groups of friends and families. Variety of fun and safe games to make you laugh and smile and get a good work out. Sack runs, thug-of-war, snap-the—apple, wood chopping, wagon-in-a-river, spoon run are few of the games that we play as a part of this favorite activity for guests of all ages.