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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is a magical place to spend winter holidays in Croatia. Escape to snow-covered mountain offering family friendly outdoor winter activities and seasonal events. A warm fire, finely appointed accommodations and regionally inspired cuisine are the perfect way to relax with your loved ones after exhilarating snowy adventures. Supervised children’s programs will give the parents much needed time to relax.

We believe there is something magical about how our mountain looks in the winter. There is a special feeling of peace surrounding you. Just imagine waking up in a warm, cozy cabin looking at the fresh coat of snow all while enjoying the feel of fire from the fireplace. We know that it will be very hard to leave your cottage on a morning like that, but just take a look at the activities we have prepared for you.

Croatian lynx proudly defending its domain


Velebit Mountain is home to the most abundant wildlife population in this part of Europe. Our biologist in residence will take you on a trip where you will, following animal tracks, learn about animals that live in the region, about their life cycle and habits. There is a buzz of behind-the-scenes animal activity at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch. While enjoying a morning cup of coffee on the porch, you might see a rabbit darting between the bushes or deer grazing in the meadow. Along many stretches of fence, beautiful birds charm us with their brilliant hues. The Ranch’s varied terrain creates a hospitable environment for rabbits, deer, elk, ibex, wolves, fox, as well as occasional bear and lynx. Bird watchers are thrilled with sightings of eagles, osprey, hawks, grouse and waterfowl. Hearing courting song of a male capercaillie in the early spring is a special treat for nature lovers. Early morning and evening outings are the best times for Velebit wildlife viewing and birding, and the more you explore the more you are likely to see.

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts can go a step further by booking guided wildlife Jeep tours to take advantage of seasonal migration patterns and other local expertise.

Our guests snowshoeing up the mountain


This is a great way to explore the ranch area in a deep snow. You can choose to go on your own or to join several of our guided trips, like visit to a special cave called the Cathedral. This will allow you to discover some new dimensions of nature and life itself. You will have the opportunity to see trees, rocks, flowers, creeks and moss with different eyes.

Horses pulling the sled during the winter season


Couples and families love the ambiance on our historic sleigh rides. Hitched horses pull the sleigh over snowy meadows, while riders sip hot cocoa. Journey will take you to the farm that produces milk and dairy products for the ranch to experience organic farming first hand and see where our food comes from. Freshly prepared lunch at the farm will follow the tour.

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch guests enjoying their horse hill sledding


Children and parents alike love going down a gentle slope on wooden sleds. Hot cocoa awaits you at the bottom of the hill. For those who are looking for even more excitement, grab one of our calm horses that will pull you on a mini sled across a field.

Our guests climbing up the mountain during our nordic program


Guest can use local roads closed for traffic during winter months and turned into a gentle ski slopes perfect for cross-county skiing. Guests have to supply their own equipment.

Our team and guests enjoying the snow horseback ride


Velebit Mountain is made for horses and Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is made for riders. Wide-open skies, pine scented hillsides and snow-capped peaks are best experienced on horseback. Part of the experience at our DK Eyewitness Travel Guide luxury guest ranch is having everything for exceptional horseback riding vacations at your fingertips. Our wranglers fit guests with hats, boots and riding helmets as needed. Our program is highly customizable for each guest, with wranglers at the ready to guide you through this essential ranch experience. The Ranch operates in the spirit of play, where travelers immerse themselves in the Western riding culture, rather than seeing it through the slats on a corral.