Casita Stella and Luna represent finest in the luxury outback living. In shape they are reminiscent of African mud huts to evoke the times of great expeditions.

Inside, finely appointed with handwoven middle-eastern wool rugs, handmade furniture, extra large duvets (to ensure you stay snug and warm at night), fine linens, embroidered ultra-fluffy towels and plush robes, slippers, hair dryer and natural amenities (shampoo, lotion, conditioner, cotton balls, q-tips).

Each of them consists of master bedroom, working and reading area with cast iron wood stove for cozying up in front with a good book on a chilly evening.In building Stella and Luna, we took a great care and consideration for the people with special physical needs.

Therefore, both exterior and interior are designed on a single level which enables unobstructed movement. With private gardens outside and heated swimming pool and Japanese hot tub only meters away, you can consider them a private retreat in their own right.

Luxury nature resort at the heart of the wilderness.

Experience authentic guest ranch and restorative retreat hidden inside UNESCO Velebit Mountain Biosphere Reserve, Velika Plana, Croatia. Home of a unique horsemanship, bespoke attention to comfort, service, sustenance, and transformative experience.

“Portal to what matters!" - D. Derifaj