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Amidst the foothills of Velebit Mountain lies a hidden valley full of natural beauty, history, culture and endless adventures, home to only Croatian luxury guest ranch: Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, premier horse and riding destination. We offer carefully tailored multi day riding programs to liven your spirit and engage your body. Come and stay in a real Sioux tipi or cozy chalet, ride in pristine nature, visit a ghost town on horseback, drink local whiskey and beer and taste organic cuisine featuring homemade breads, wild grown edibles and free range meats. Come to the land of Winnetou movies and experience frontier life in these heart-changing adventure. You will come as a city-slicker and leave as true and tried cowboy and cowgirl. Contact us to arrange a custom-designed trip for you or consider signing up for our exclusive expedition, Ultimate Cowboy Adventure. Below is an account of that program from our founder, Bruce Yerkovich:

“Once a year I lead an expedition deep into the mountain on a journey that guests describe as “trip of a lifetime”, or “best vacation ever”! After you spend a week on the mountain listening to the sound of silence and deepening understanding of yourself and your place in this world, you never look at the life with the same eyes. In its own way, this adventure for many who have taken it represents a rite of passage to their more authentic self. Evenings around campfire and stories shared both on a horseback and around the fire, challenges of daily rides and unexpected situations asked of riders to bring the best in themselves and to rise to the occasion. Nature at times also challenges us and the horses we ride look up to us for leadership and protection. It takes a whole person to keep up with the rigors of it for a week But it’s worth it, far beyond what words can convey. So if you are looking to find out what a meaningful adventure is, one that will remain burning in your memory even when life wears out on you, sign up for it. It will be worth your while, I guarantee you.” B. Bruce Yerkovich

Our horse guides live and breathe horses


1st Day

  • Arrival in the afternoon at the ranch
  • Concierge will show you to your accommodation
  • After settling down come for a welcome drink in the Saloon where our guides will go through the program details for a safe and enjoyable holiday
  • Dinner in the Saloon
  • Evening entertainment

2nd Day

  • Hearty cowboy breakfast in the morning
  • Natural horsemanship seminar: silent language of horses, joining with horses, self-confidence, communication, saddling and riding, body language
  • Tasty lunch and break
  • In the afternoon, our wranglers will show you the gear, its history and function, give you an introductory lesson and take you on a 2-hour trail ride
  • Dinner with Croatian specialties will be served in the Saloon
  • Evening entertainment

3rd Day

  • Early breakfast in the Saloon
  • Last preparations at the Barn, saddling up, packing up your room.
  • Ride up the mountain, through the valleys and canyons, retracing an old trade routes used by merchants and caravan robbers alike.
  • Lunch on the trail
  • High chance of spotting deer or wolf in the afternoon
  • Arriving at the Ranch site in late afternoon.
  • Tasty dinner in the Saloon
  • Evening entertainment

4th Day

  • Late breakfast
  • Saddling the horses
  • We continue going deeper in the mountain, crossing hidden springs and watercourses. This is an intensive ride, covering some rough terrain, often going through unmarked territory. A real adventure for real cowboys and cowgirls!
  • Lunch on the trail
  • Arriving at the Ranch in the afternoon
  • After a well-deserved shower enjoy a glass of wine or whiskey while our cooks prepare dinner with Croatian specialties in the Saloon
  • Evening entertainment

5th Day

  • Brunch
  • Saddling and preparation for another day ride
  • Our goal for this day is to reach a ghost town, a place preserved in time
  • Lunch in the ghost town
  • Dinner at the Ranch
  • Evening entertainment

6th Day

  • Breakfast in the Saloon
  • Saddling up
  • Ride on this day takes us to bear breeding grounds inside National Park area
  • Lunch on the trail
  • Return the Ranch in the afternoon
  • Dinner at the Ranch
  • Evening entertainment

7th Day

  • Homemade breakfast in the Saloon
  • Saddling up
  • Riding high up on the mountain we explore some old logging roads and switchback
  • Lunch on the trail
  • Steep descent down the mountain
  • Traditional American dinner
  • Evening entertainment

8th Day

  • Lazy breakfast
  • Preparations and saddling up
  • Morning ride with take us up to another mountain peak where Linden Tree biologists conduct bear counting and monitoring. We may even spot a bear or two ourselves
  • Lunch on the trail
  • Afternoon ride is all downhill as we retrace our way back to the ranch
  • Arrival at the ranch in the late afternoon
  • Unsaddling and putting horses away
  • Celebration and dinner in the Saloon
  • Dance party

9th Day

  • Easy morning and big breakfast spread in the Saloon
  • Preparations for departure
  • Saying goodbyes