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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is located inside Velebit Mountain, specifically inside Velebit National Park. In 1978 park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The spirit of the Biosphere Reserve governs Retreat & Ranch operations and forms the backbone of all policies and sustainable development. Linden Tree is committed to exist in Velebit Mountain in an entirely sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner. To that extend we developed a concept that puts human in the center of attention in order to create a balanced and integrated living systems for all creatures. We call this concept CIDER, which is an acronym for Community, Integrity, Development, Evolution and Responsibility. We reinvest 5% of the profits toward different programs we run or sponsor in the area.

Activities that we offer at the Ranch on a weekly basis and that focus on our core values include but are not limited to: animal watching and tracking, hiking, caving, jeep safari which are focused on nature conservation. Wagon ride, which is focused on community involvement. Several of our activities (just to mention peace pipe evening and panel discussion) are created to inspire cultural exchanges.

You as our guest are not a mere spectator but rather an active participant. You absorb a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and you leave some of your own behind. So that Linden Tree can keep thriving as a cultural exchange crossroad, conservation wisdom bank and community building leader.

We are also able to create once-in-a-lifetime transformative itineraries focused on any of these aspects. Reserve your spot now and let the journey begin.

Residents of the local community in building our ranch


Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch continually strives to ensure that the tourism brought to the area benefits local community. The Retreat employs local men and women and, through various education-based naturalist and recreational offerings, contributes to the enhancement and global understanding of the Velebit Mountain Biosphere Reserve.

By staying at Linden Tree you actively contribute toward community development and nature conservation projects. Portion of our profit is set aside to fund these projects. Several projects have been successfully implemented in the last few years: “Fostering youth employment through development of rural tourism” and “Prosperity in diversity”, project in which elderly unemployed women in the community were trained in sustainable agriculture. As a result of both projects we now have plenty of tasty produce to offer to our guests at the ranch. The projects were so successful that we were asked by Croatian government to replicate both projects in other rural areas, which we are extremely proud of.

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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch started with a vision for a sustainable wilderness resort. A dream gently hewn into reality from the untamed landscape and grounded in a sincere reverence for the land and its wildlife. Throughout this process we remained in integrity with our social mission “to create opportunities for collaboration across human wildscapes, extracting underlying common principles, independent of local cultural and geographical settings, that drive stakeholders toward self-sustainable models, regardless of their own (often different) direction”.

The process of building facilities of our ranch DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT


Our business approach is centered on staying true to the underlying principles of sustainability, community engagement and high-quality products. Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is by no means a cheap destination, it can’t be.

When it comes to rates and value for the money, there is one aspect we’d like you to bear in mind when considering a visit: an impressive part of what you pay at Linden Tree, goes into our commitment to remain a highly sustainable and responsible tourism destination. Continually enhancing its socially responsible enterprise, Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch has an employee profit-sharing plan as an additional way of ensuring its benefit to the local community.



We are proud of our local cultural heritage. All our adventures and activities are interpretive and steep our guest deep into local culture and legends, educating them about sustainable ways local community lives by, sharing with them history and culture of the region, organizing visits to local farms, archeological sites in the valley, etc.

By bringing together local people and our guests we take down cultural barriers and create long lasting and thought-provoking memories. Preservation of traditional cultural values are made by creating sustainable venues for local artisans, craftspeople, and family owned business. All our windows, doors, furniture, carpets, decors and construction material are made by local artists and craftspeople and sourced in the valley, thereby contributing to the continuous evolution of skills and knowledge that are available both to local and global community.

But do not forget that you as a guest also play a part in this evolutionary process by bringing your cultural identity with you and sharing it during your stay here. Each of our guests leaves a special impression on the ranch and changes it by its unique spirit, character and energy.

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Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch works hand-in-hand with several conservation organizations, as well as local, regional and federal government in developing sustainable, environmentally responsible programs that benefit all. Those programs include Open Land Restoration, Bear Habitat Mapping and other wildlife studies.

We view nature conservation as an important product of our ranch management practices. We approach each piece of land from a holistic perspective, looking at the ecosystem’s health from a landscape-scale and then narrowing our focus to particular areas of concern. For instance, a portion of Linden Tree was formerly used as grain fields. When the planting ceased, the fields were overrun by weeds. By implementing our grazing program in tandem with monitoring, we were able to restore native grasses to the area. As always, our actions are informed by our own experiences as well as perspectives from ecologists, botanists, and biologists to build on our whole-system knowledge. The result is a healthier, more stable and more productive micro-ecosystem that in turn contributes to the health of the ranch and the valley as a whole.

To balance needs of our horses for their food and play and nature’s need for her other children, we set aside the conservation area into which we only venture to observe and not interfere. We zoned the remainder of the Ranch into grazing areas and facility area.

All aspects of Linden Tree operations are low-impact and updated as technology allows. Composting and recycling governs food menu and beverage service, gray water gardens produce excellent fruits and high efficiency wood furnaces create hot water and heat buildings. All land and lake adventures are non-intrusive and conservancy-driven. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of all our activities. Using designated trails we aim to lessen our footprint in the Park.

Your visit at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch actively contributes to the conservation of not only Velebit Mountain and its diverse flora and fauna but to the wider ecosystem as well.