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We believe that everything in life is connected. So every change, even the smallest is adding to the change of the whole. As nodes in the web, these changes only have a strong impact when they are connected. Such are collaborations with our private and public partners and friends with whom our team works on various projects, including our nature conservation efforts, natural horsemanship clinics, education and social-inclusion of disadvantaged and marginalized groups and many more. Our partners range from small to big, from volunteers and apprentices at the ranch to well established world-wide conservation groups, government organizations and everything in between.

Our partners and friends


Our partners and friends:

  • Mountain Home Stulinac
  • Rewilding Europe
  • Velebit Nature Park
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • The Long Run
  • Northern Velebit National Park
  • Life Dinalp Bear Project

Our partner in the fruit harvest from our ranch


Linden Tree was a singular vision born into a life by the work of many. If you feel inspired by that vision, we invite you to connect with us to support our community and nature conservation efforts. You can help our projects in many ways: with your time, skills, connections, financially, publicly, etc. Contact us and we will tell how can you help to make a difference. And remember, there is no contribution that is insignificant. Do you know how Pacific ocean was made? Drop by drop!