Have you ever heard of Vitamin N? It cannot be synthesized in labs yet it is vital for us to have a meaningful and balanced life. N stands for Nature! Nature helps boost our immune system, reduces stress and blood pressure, elevates focus and mood, accelerates healing, and improves our sleep/wake balance.

By its very definition, wellness is the achievement a balance of the mind, spirit and body that results in overall well-being. Forest bathing (inhaling beneficial phytoncides), active and passive meditation in forests – especially old-growth forests, unplugging (from technology) by choice, sleeping outdoors (like in our tipis or river tents), nourishing your body with natural-sourced and organic foods, massaging your body, challenging your body, thrilling your psyche, immersing yourself in a demonstrably remote and authentically wild environment, childlike play, and doing nothing at all are all prescriptions for improved wellness.

Here at Linden Tree, all of that comes naturally. Our grounds are designed as physical and spiritual sanctuary offering yoga, wellness, and restorative treatments for body and soul. A secluded compound with outdoor treatment room, yoga room, Siberian cedar hot tub, heated swimming pool and tranquil outdoor lounge spaces fosters healing and wellness processes inside your body.

Throughout the season we host various practitioners and professionals who offer their wellness services to our guests, ranging from individual to group seasons: yoga, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy and fitness.


This place takes you to the state of full relaxation.

Matea, Croatia


Using essential oils and gently rubbing them in is proven to relax body and mind.

Japanese ofuro hot tub

This ancient technique of immersion in hot water takes away tensions and stress, soothes muscle pains and stimulates blood circulation.


Throughout the season we bring visiting massaging professionals who practice different techniques: some are more sports-oriented, some work on releasing energetic blocks.


Visiting teachers bring variety in a form of different yoga practices.


Whether in the Studio Hall or outdoors, meditation is at home here at Linden Tree.

Heated Swimming Pool

Refreshing benefits of pure mountain spring water in our swimming pool are undeniable.
Luxury nature resort at the heart of the wilderness.

Experience authentic guest ranch and restorative retreat hidden inside UNESCO Velebit Mountain Biosphere Reserve, Velika Plana, Croatia. Home of a unique horsemanship, bespoke attention to comfort, service, sustenance, and transformative experience.

“Portal to what matters!” – D. Derifaj